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Sultan Hagavik - TDNWH

Release Date: II 2014
Total Time: 57:00

A1 Marvellous Sausage Juice
A2 Cardboardon

A3 Baroque Fart

A4 First Piece

A5 Festival of Retards

A6 Black Cassette

A7 Style - Yes, The Bride - No

B1 Introduction to Clausule 00:56
B2 Coupon for the Most Efficient Hostess

B3 Being-Sick Clausule 02:50
B4 Für Vangelise
B5 Dill Sauce Secret

B6 Mars Viola Bartosz

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Sultan Hagavik: Mikołaj Laskowski and Jacek Sotomski - portable cassette deck players, dictaphones and other sound sources

All compositions, recording and mastering by Sultan Hagavik

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