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Sultan Hagavik – 9 Symphonies

Release Date: 2012
Total Time: 37:47
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1. Symphony No. 1 Cowboy Shit 3:00
2. Symphony No. 2 Death and the Dark Whore (hommage à F. Schubert) 05:58
3. Symphony No. 3 Unsubtitled 04:03
4. Symphony No. 4 Rough Techno 02:44
5. Symphony No. 5 The Dickstep 03:00
6. Symphony No. 6 Rose-scented Childish Dreams 05:22
7. Symphony No. 7 Piano Trio ("H.M. Górecki fairly unknown") 05:02
8. Symphony No. 8 Gumdead 04:54
9. Symphony No. 9 I Don't Like Persons 03:44

Mikołaj Laskowski, Jacek Sotomski - cassette players

co-released with Niklas Records in Wrocław Klang series

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sultan hagavik is first Polish band (and probably the second one in the world) which performs music using tape decks. It was founded in July 2011 in Wroclaw, in circumstances hard to specify. The band utilizes recordings found on old cassettes, as well as their own material recorded with analogue dictaphone. Using tape decks as musical instruments allows duo members to create completely new sonic quality. In their sur-conventional compositions they refer to many musical genres; from pop to punctualism.

The album belongs to a series "Wrocław Klang", coproduced by Bôłt Records and Niklas Records and devoted to new experimental music created in The European Capital of Culture 2016.

Sponsored by City of Wrocław

co-released with Niklas Records in Wrocław Klang series

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