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Mazurek/Sienkiewicz - Drogi

Release Date: XII 2018
Total Time: 52:33
CD | ecopack

Bohdan Mazurek

1. Little Electronic Symphony

Jacek Sienkiewicz

2. Drogi
3. Bulldance
4. Drogi 2
5. Drogi 3
6. Losturysta
7. My albo nie my
8. Olesny
9. Final Drogi

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Drogi is my hommage to Polish Radio Experimental Studio, a pioneering center for electraocustic music, and one of the Studio`s outstadning composers - Bohdan Mazurek.

Jacek Sienkiewicz

His compositions are characterized not only by very sophisticated synthesized sound aesthetics but also by distinct anticinpations of more popular electronic music genres, such as ambient or intelligent dance music. However, what was even more important for me is the fact that to some extent the music of Mazurek and my music share some sort of a common mood: on one hand very serious, event bitter, on the other hand - full of insider jokes and sudden twist in the narrative. The peculiar sense of humour is what stroke me while reading more about Mazurek, as well as his attitude towards nature, especially the mountains. It appeared that on numerous occasions he was going straight into his studio after coming back from a hiking trip. Actually, it happens to me quite often as well!

 Therfore, I decided not to simply revitalise works of the old master by means of sampling and remixing. Instead I recreated original Mazurek`s sound world in my own compositions, following his offbeat approach towards sound, utilising a range of sources and techniques: from my teenage tape recordings, through digital sound sythesis to modern sample editing. I hope I have bridged different definitions, eras and generations of electronic music.

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